Educating and equipping diverse faith communities to care for foster and adoptive families

So that no child will be left to navigate life alone

Build Relationships

Communicate in Love

Understand Trauma

Imagine trying to navigate this world as a child - alone.

You want to trust people, but they are like a revolving door, coming in and out of your life.
You see a happy family and wonder what it feels like to be with one.
You wonder how God could truly love you when there is no one to provide stability and consistency.
This is how children in the foster care system often feel. What is worse - many of these children believe they are worthless, which breaks our hearts.
Show children they're worthy.

Communities of Faith are the Best Places to Demonstrate Love and Share Hope

Engaging the abundance of faith communities in the Greater Houston area is a spiritual and logical way to reach our most vulnerable families and children to nurture HOPE for a better future, even if they do not see it now.
There are over 4000 faith communities in the greater Houston area. In the same area, there are over 3700 children in state care.
Knowing the most effective ways to support them can feel overwhelming.

You may have questions around how to build relationships, communicate in love and understand trauma. This can stop you from embracing these children and helping them grow spiritually.

We'll Train You to Help

Since 2013, Cultivating Families has been equipping communities of faith to care for foster care and adopted children. Raising children formerly in foster care and adopting children ourselves, we understand the challenges both parents and communities of faith experience. Through utilizing our training courses, resources and support activities, you can learn to embrace foster and adoptive families easily and help them through their challenges.

It truly does take a village to care for a family who has adopted or fostered a child. Even if there are not foster or adoptive families in your community, there are many other ways to help a child feel loved. You can not only encourage and guide families to adopt or foster children by going through our Decisions Course, but also to pray for children who feel alone in this world.

Faith communities are the one place these children should be able to rely on for nurturing. As they grow, they will remember how you were a rock in their lives.
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How We Equip You

There are three main ways we empower you to care for children

Faith Partner Program

Training faith communities on how to handle trauma and support children
Support on group volunteer initiatives
First to know about upcoming events and trainings
Schedule a Faith Partner Consultation

Decisions Course

Learn if fostering, adopting (or neither) is for you
Understand other opportunities to support children
Be prepared to welcome a child into your home
Sign up for Decisions Course

Prayer Initiative

Receive prayer packet guiding you how to pray for 10 children
Be one of 370 volunteers praying for each of the 3700 children in state foster care
Increase knowledge of needs of children in foster care
Request or Register Your Prayer Initiative Packet

Here's How to Become a Faith Partner

You are three steps away from being the welcoming and inclusive community, prepared to help foster care and adoptive families handle the challenges they face. We look forward to partnering with you to be a safe community for all children!

Schedule a Consultation

Within 30 minutes, you will have a clear idea on how your faith community can easily support children in need of families.


Become trained on how to provide direct care to adoptive or foster families while praying specifically for their needs.


Every action you take not only changes the trajectory of a child’s life, but also changes your heart.
Schedule a Faith Partner Consultation

Our Impact

Your partnership makes a tangible difference. Here’s what we’ve done together!




Children & Families Served


Backpacks, Beds, & More Donations


Awareness Event Attendance


Children in Foster Care Covered in Prayer

Your Support Will Reduce Likelihood of Children...

Becoming victims of abuse

Facing unplanned pregnancies

Suffering from addictions

Experiencing homelessness

Your community is already involved in ministries helping children who have experienced the above pains. Instead, you can reduce the likelihood of these harms from happening in the first place.


Why Cultivating Families Matters
  • "I thought I wasn’t going to make it today. Then, I remembered support group was tonight and I’d be ok."
    Adoptive Parent, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church
  • "The Support Group has increased general awareness, compassion for the parents, and given voice to the way the entire staff and congregation work with the children’s behavior. Also, five children have been placed since the group began."
    Katy Sabayrac, Westbury United Methodist Church

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