Prayer Initiative

Welcome to the Prayer Initiative for Children in Foster Care

​This is a general information page for the Prayer Initiative.

Our Goal is to Cover Each Child in State Foster Care Within the Greater Houston Area in Prayer

Our prayer initiative offers a guide for prayer volunteers to pray for ten children in state foster care within the greater Houston area. How can pray for children if we do not know their names or circumstances? We can pray for a distinct expression of each child's needs. Faith is key in this prayer initiative.

Prayer is, indeed, essential to our relationship with God and each other. There is something about considering each child that makes this more compelling.

There is No Substitute for Giving Time for Our Kids. There is No Substitute for Giving Time to the Practice of Prayer

God knows the specific needs of each of these children. The Prayer Initiative for children in foster care is a way to partner our prayers with God’s heart for the nearly 4,000 children in foster care within greater Houston. Prayer is probably the most foundational way we can contribute and make a difference for children in foster care, whether we bring them into our families or make it possible for others to welcome them into their families.

Join Us in Prayer for Our Greater Houston Area Children

Register for a prayer packet, or contact us to explore ways to engage your community of faith in this initiative.
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Why is this just for the Greater Houston Area?
We are often told to “dream bigger” or use “more impressive numbers” such as numbers of children in care in the state of Texas, our nation, or even the world. Children do not need impressive numbers, they need someone with them day in and day out, caring and praying for them. Knowing they are not alone, no matter what they face, is essential. We believe this begins with someone nearby, praying for them. Together, we will see answered prayers. Then, we can show the state, nation, and world how to do the same in their local areas.
What is the purpose of the Prayer Initiative for children in foster care?
Prayer is a conduit to God and essential to our relationship with God and each other. By faith, we believe God hears all of our prayers for local children in foster care, and it is right that we continue to pray in our congregations and small groups. However, we can also pray in a more concrete ways for each child in care and it is an honor to partner with God and pray for each child’s specific needs.
How can we do this if we don’t know the name or particular circumstance of each child?
We believe that we can pray for a distinct expression of each child’s needs regardless of the fact that we do not know each child personally. We identify each child by gender and age only. If it helps, nicknames are a good way to engage when praying for a child. Do what works for you and know that when you pray for an “11-year-old Boy, or “3-year-old Girl,” you are praying for a specific child in care this year. We can ask: What is this child’s desire? Do we have faith that this child can expect to receive an answer? Are we ready to give this to God? Are we in agreement with God for this child?
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